Nate, no one is listening to you.


The people come not to listen to the preacher. They come to listen for that which is within and beyond them.

The Charter of Compassion


"... any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate."

Is Liberal Religion a Saving Faith?


The question is not: “What happens when we die?” No one knows. The question is: “What happens when we kill--three times a day?”

Are You the 1 Percent?


When we feel the impulse to be furious let us dare to be curious. When we feel the impulse to be righteous let us transform our soapbox into a music box. Let us dare to be powerfully playful.

Slam Sermon


we open the gospel

of the non-canonical

prophetic voices quaking underground

trains of thought dancing in our breath, railroading on our corpse


Language as a Generative Act


Opinions can say more about an observer than what the observer claims to have seen. Can we ground ourselves in measurable facts rather than live our life as if our opinions are infallable truths?


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The John Murry

Distinguished Lecture


Nate recounts his successful mediation between members of a controversial punk band, local skinheads, and Department of Homeland Security officials.

Knoxville Reflections


Jim David Adkisson entered the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist sanctuary on a Sunday morning and opened fire during a children’s production. Greg McKendry and Linda Kraeger were shot and killed; seven others were wounded.

Why Do We Paint the Roses Red?


What do you see? What do you see in Rev. Nate's hand? A rose? A flower? Beauty? Some see a mistake, a drastic mistake. They believe it is time to paint the white roses red, or else, "Off with their heads!"

The UUs Have Arrived


What if each time a Unitarian Universalist walks into a room the others present exhaled and said, "Oh good. The UUs have arrived." Is it idealistic or realistic to think that Unitarian Universalists can be known first for their kindness?

Palin inspires Rev. Nate to

write sermon on hand


"Re-imagining Valentine's Day" with the national Standing on the Side of Love campaign. Stay tuned for Reverend Nate's sermon next week, where he will use Obama's portable teleprompter.

Agenda Setters


Agenda Setters is a democratic strategy designed to mobilize people throughout the United States to participate in creating laws. An internet town hall forum will feature applicants' ideas, which will be voted on by residents in their Congressional districts. The top proposals will be featured in the national television series Agenda Setters.

Monsanto's 21st Century Oath:

Do No Harm


Reverend Nate reflects upon three principles of biomedical ethics: (1) nonmaleficence, do no harm; (2) beneficence, generous acts of doing good; and (3) distributive justice, achieved through the fair, equitable and appropriate distribution of food.



Skype Connects Asian and Ukrainian Families for an iWedding that took place on the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia.

Welcome Home


They were excommunicated, shamed, feared and condemned. They were marginalized for their questions, banished for who they loved... they were the people who are now on a quest for meaning.

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