The exorcisms described in Exorcising Preaching: Crafting Intellectually Honest Worship are not the first, nor the final word. They are invitations for preachers to continue to treat preaching as a disciplined spiritual practice. The ultimate goal is to support each another in liberating ourselves from activities that may cause others and ourselves harm. One way this can be achieved is for religious leaders to submit summaries of their exorcisms as draft chapters to be included in the next volume.


The Exorcising Preaching series serves as a vocational catalyst for preachers in a diversity of religious communities to engage in rigorous self-analysis and theological reflection about the art of preaching.


Submit a Chapter Proposal


Are you interested in being a contributing author? If so, please send a chapter proposal to Nate Walker via Please include chapter title, summary, a brief biography, and contact information. Call Nate directly should you have any questions about the proposal-drafting process.


The chapter proposal may range in topics: from preparing to performing sermons, to the theological assumptions that drive our craft, and so on. The purpose of the Exorcising Preaching series is to help preachers harness the liberating practices of worship that can be found across a number of religious traditions. Your unique perspective is welcome in this collegial conversation.


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